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        Duracell (China) Limited
        Year: 2000, 2014
        2000, 5kt/y sifter unit and conveying sysyem
        2014, powder processor modular assembly system
        2000, sifter unit for zinc powder
        2000, system feature:
         ♦ Capacity: >2t/h; Weighing system accuracy: 0.1%
         ♦ Make full use of height; Reasonable device for dosing; Accuracy orientation
        2014, system feature:

         ♦ Material: graphite, manganese dioxide, etc;Capacity: 10-20t/h; Conveying distance: 60m; Dense phase conveying; Air velocity: 6.5m³/min; 11m³ silo
         ♦ Raw material area: super sack unloading ⇒ dense phase conveying to storage tanks ⇒ tank weighing ⇒ spiral proportioning ⇒ weighing tank ⇒ dense phase conveying to the main module ⇒ main module receiving tank 
         ♦ Main module area: rework material blow tank ⇒ dense phase conveying to receiving tank;  expansion joint unloading ⇒ roller conveyor 
        Year 2014 super module
        2014, system advantage:
          Dense phase and low speed conveying, reduce the wear and tear of the pipe wall, small air flow, less selection of deduster, low energy consumption
          External bypass, automatic sequence of the emergency unbolck and pipe cleaning
          Design of vibration on the silo bottom effectively solved the problem of low material density and easy bypass
          In accordance with the requirements of the latest formula by Duracell, automatic high precision proportioning  through spiral and weighing system
         ★ Module design, reduce the site operation and the risk of site safety, shorten time of field operation, minimize the impact on the existing production order, reproducible, small occupation, compact layout
          Optimization of the dust collecting system effectively reduce dust production environment
         ★ Module is easy to transport, land or shopping
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