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        Continuous Degassing & Drying
        Illustration of Degassing & Drying
        Advantage of S-Degassing® continuous degassing and drying technology:
         ★ Preheating with adequate heat insulation measure
         ★ Low velocity of heating gas flow
         ★ Enlarged length diameter ratio used in design of heating and venting silo, an economic residence time can be formed
         ★ Continuous drying and degassing
         ★ Optimized design of gas flow distribution
         ★ Moisture content after drying: less than 20 ppm
         ★ 80% of energy saving
         ★ Capacity: up to 5 t/h

            Compounded material, e.g. PP, PE, PC and other powder and pellets always carry residual solvent and unreacted monomers. In new car, the strong uncomfortable smell is linked to residual VOC (volatile organic compounds). The residual VOC has to be removed before processing, and this issue can be solved through raw material degassing.
        Moisture content has great influence on spinning of PA6 and PET. Removing moisture content could reduce polymer decomposition during spinning. Severe decomposition of polymer cause lower molecular weight, wool yarn and breakage. And may be due to the difference of moisture content, cause uneven dyeing as well as the physical properties of the finished silk index decline. Generally, raw material stacked in the warehouse has saturated moisture content about 2000 PPM, for high speed spinning, moisture content of fine denier silk must be controlled under 30 PPM.
        Degassing Silo (ready for shipment,Dagu Tianjin)

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